Global Prosperity

As part of an interconnected global system, all the endeavours in the areas of environmental issues, population growth, food security, cyber-security, health and technological changes have direct and indirect impacts on global financial stability, social cohesion and hence global prosperity. To this end, the IGF has been engaged in global issues that have direct and indirect financial impacts on gloal systemic risk, global financial stability and world security. The IGF has published several high impact research works and organised a number of policy fora, in collaboration with the International Instituitons, Policy makers as well as the Asian Development Bank that deal with the above issues. The IGF’s engagement and research with eminent researchers and collaborative engagemen  with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank are part of the overall objectives of providing global leadership in factors that contribute to global prosperity.

For information regarding events in this area, please also refer to some of the “videos” too.

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