Business Forum on Systemic Risk and Global Financial Stability

Macro-Prudential Policy: Issues in Design and Implementation

Watch the highlights of this event.

The Institute of Global Finance (IGF) organised a business forum on systemic risk and global financial stability on May 2, 2014 at the Australian School of Business. A Senior Official from the IMF in Asia, Dr Sunil Sharma, gave a keynote speech at this business forum. The title of his speech is Macro-prudential policy: issues in design and implementation. In his speech, Dr. Sharma addressed the topic from 4 major perspectives: Macro-prudential policy; Design and Implementation; Practice and Institutional Structure.

Professor Fariborz Moshirian, the Director of IGF, interviewed Dr Sunil Sharma. During the interview, dr. Sharma shared his view with us regarding the following issures:

  • What is Macro-prudential policy;
  • Do you think we need more research in the area in Macro-prudential policies;
  • Are you en couraging people to undertake more research for better understanding of tools for Macro-prudential policies; and
  • Should we provide training to some of the regulators / supervisors when it comes to the Macro-prudential policies or similar policies which have emerged since the GFC?