Events and Conferences 2012

Meeting the Global Challenges of Retirement: New Generation Solutions: A case study of financial innovation and engineering in the design and implementation of a solution

Date: 23 August, 2012
Location: Amora Hotel, Jamison, Sydney
Keynote speaker: Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Merton, MIT

Australian Banking and Financial Technology Innovation Summit, 2012

Date: 17-18 September, 2012
Location: Shangri-La hotel, Sydney

Resetting Global Competitiveness: From West to East

Date: 20 September, 2012
Location: Sheraton Hotel, Sydney

  • Dr Takeda Masahiko, IMF Deputy Director, Asia Pacific
  • Dr Cheng Hoon Lim, Division Chief - Monetary and Capital Markets
  • Professor Anne Krueger, John Hopkins University, and Former IMF First Deputy Managing Director.

The Forum was moderated by Stephen Koukoulas, former Senior Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister and former Chief Economist at Citibank Australia.

A panel, including John W.H. Denton, Advisory Panel Member of the Federal Government Task Force on Australia in the Asian Century, and John O’Connell, Global Head of Research, Macquarie Securities Group,provided practical viewpoints on how Australian financial services firms are placed to seize new opportunities in the Asian Century.

Download the presentations by the Senior IMF staff at this forum:

Cheng Hoon Lim

Masahiko Takeda

Basel III, Global Banking System and Global Financial Stability

Date: 12 December
Venue: Shangri-La Hotel
Speaker: Professor Anthony Saunders, New York University

Systemic Risk, Liquidity Risk, Corporate Governance and Global Financial Stability

Date: 16 December, 2012
Location: Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney
Speaker: Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Engle, New York University

Business Forum on Regional Financial Stability: Systemic Risk, Liquidity Risk and Governance

Date: 17 December 2012, 11:15 am – 1:00 pm
Location: Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

Speakers and Topics:

  • Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Engle, New York University; The Latest Developments in Systemic Risk
  • Mr Jim Murphy, Deputy Federal Treasury Secretary (Executive Director, Markets); Financial Markets and Government: A New Equilibrium

Panel includes the above keynote speakers and:

  • Dr Guy Debelle, Assistant Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Mr Curt Zuber, Treasurer of Westpac Banking Corporation