Global Governance

Over the last several years, the UNSW Associate Researchers at the IGF have published several outstanding high impact reearch work on Global Governace. Their research studies have been published in the leading international journals.  The IGF has also published major research works as special issues of the Journal of Banking and Finance, one of the leading international finance journals. The IGF produced these special issues based on the papers presented at a number of the Australasian Finance and Banking conferences.  These publications are listed below:

Interbank market integration, loan rates, and firm leverage (2011)
Alexander Popov (European Central Bank, Germany) and Steven Ongena (Tilburg University), Journal of Banking and Finance, 35 (3), 544-559
Competition in banking and the lending channel: Evidence from bank-level data in Asia and Latin America (2011)
María Pía (Olivero (Drexel University), Yuan Li, (Penn State Altoona) and Bang Nam Jeon, (Drexel University), Journal of Banking and Finance, 35 (3), 560-571
International fund investment and local market returns (2011)
Yothin Jinjarak (Nanyang Technological University), Jon Wongswan (Phatra Securities Public Company Limited) and Huanhuan Zheng (Nanyang Technological University), Journal of Banking and Finance, 35 (3), 572-587
What drives foreign expansion of the top 100 multinational banks? The role of the credit reporting system (2011)
Hsiangping Tsai (Yuan Ze University), Yuanchen Chang (National Chengchi University) and Pei-Hsin Hsiao (Yuan Ze University), Journal of Banking and Finance, 35 (3), 588-605
The information content of cash dividend announcements in a unique environment (2011)
Khamis H. Al-Yahyaee (Sultan Qaboos University), Toan M. Pham (University of New South Wales) and Terry S. Walter (University of Technology Sydney), Journal of Banking and Finance, 35 (3), 606-612
Small business groups enhance performance and promote stability, not expropriation. Evidence from French SMEs (2011)
Anaïs Hamelin (Université de Strasbourg and Université Libre de Bruxelles), Journal of Banking and Finance, 35 (3), 613-626
Managing liquidity: Optimal degree of centralization (2011)
Sebastian Pokutta (Technische Universität Darmstadt) and Christian Schmaltz (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management), Journal of Banking and Finance, 35 (3), 627-638
Estimating exponential affine models with correlated measurement errors: Applications to fixed income and commodities (2011)
M.A.H. Dempster (University of Cambridge) and Ke Tang (Renmin University of China), Journal of Banking and Finance, 35 (3), 639-652
House prices, non-fundamental components and interstate spillovers: The Australian experience (2011)
Greg Costello (Curtin University of Technology), Patricia Fraser (Curtin University of Technology and University of Aberdeen) and Nicolaas Groenewold (University of Western Australia), Journal of Banking and Finance, 35 (3), 653-669
The relationship between asset growth and the cross-section of stock returns (2011)
Philip Gray (The University of Queensland) and Jessica Johnson (The University of Queensland), Journal of Banking and Finance, 35 (3), 670-680