Videos on Global Prosperity

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Robert Engle's Keynote at the 32nd AFBC, Dec 2019
Nobel Laureate, Prof. Robert Engle, from NYU, gives a keynote on Climate Change at the 32nd AFBC, Dec 2019.
Mr Ian Pollari's Keynote at ADB 2018
Ian Pollari, the Global Co-Leader of KPMG Fintec, speaks about "Financial Services and Technology" at an international
Mr Richard Yetsenga's Keynote at ADB 2018
Mr. Richard Yetsenga, Chief Economist of ANZ Bank, talks about "Financial Services and Technology" at an international
Prof. Andrew Karolyi's Keynote on Climate Finance at the 31st AFBC
Prof. Andrew Karolyi from Cornell Univeristy gives a keynote on "An Inconvenient Void: The State of Research on Climate
Dr. Augusto Lopez-Claros' Keynote on Gender Ineuqality at the 30th AFBC
Dr. Augusto Lopez-Claros from the World Bank gives a keynote on "Dangerous Disparities: The Global Crisis of Gender
The Role of Financial Technology and the Future of Asia Pacific Finance
The presenters from left to right are: Professor Ross Buckley, UNSW, Mr Ian Pollari, PwC ( keynote speaker) and Ms Sarah Hickey
Asian Development Bank launch “Asian Development Outlook Report”: Panel Discussion
ADB launch its flagship publication-ADO Report. The theme is “Transcending the Middle Income Challenge”.
ADB Chief Economist on Gender Inequality
Dr. Shang-Jin Wei speaks on the Asian Development Bank's Special Report on gender inequality. He is interviewed by the

Latest Articles on Global Prosperity

Fariborz Moshirian on Bloomberg TV talking on some of the major challenges and opportunities for 2020 on January 2, 2020.

Professor Fariborz Moshirian’s TV interview on Bloomberg on Challenges facing the UK and the EU, dated 14 December, 2019.

Professor Fariborz Moshirian, the Director of the Institute of Global Finance, UNSW, on an interview with Bloomberg on October 22, 2019, discusses about  the possiblility of getting Brexit Deal through by the end of the week.