Global Financial Stability

Theme Leaders:  Konark Saxena and YeeJin Jong

As the processes of globalisation and financial globalisation have progressed in recent decades, the need for a global financial system that can create a more inclusive, efficient, transparent and effective global financial system has intensified.

The IGF and its collaborators have been working on issues that contribute to greater certainty, efficiency and transparency of national, regional and global financial systems. The IGF has published, in collaboration with its key policy makers and researchers, including from the Bank for International  Settlements, the Federal Reserve of New York, the Bank of England, the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Asian Development Bank, several works that contribute to the debate and analysis of the global financial system that could mitigate the impact of  future global financial shocks and crises.  The IGF has published several research papers in the area of regional and global financial integration. It has been active in the media on this important theme and is contributing greatly in raising the awareness of the public regarding the vital importance of a stable global financial system and of factors that lead to more effective, resilient  and inclusive regional and global  financial systems in the 21st century.